OIC will continue to support Bangladesh in the ICJ case

Dhaka, 01 March 2021: The visiting OIC delegation led by OIC Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Amb. Youssef Aldobeay called on the Foreign Minister and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs at their office today.
During the calls on, the OIC delegation deeply appreciated the Government of Bangladesh for the humanitarian assistance provided to the Rohingyas. They applauded the initiatives taken by Bangladesh in relation to Bhashan Char and commended the role of the Government of Bangladesh in particular the directives of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, referring to her as the “Mother of Humanity”.
The Foreign Minister welcomed the OIC delegation to Bangladesh. He briefed the delegation on the overall construction of Bhashan Char’s infrastructure which will now be used as a relocation centre for around 100,000 Rohingya. He urged the OIC delegation to strengthen their efforts in relation to early repatriation of the Rohingya people who are currently taking shelter in Bangladesh.
Referring to his recent visit to the USA, the Foreign Minister mentioned his proposal to the Secretary of State to appoint a Special Envoy on Rohingyas who will focus on the Rohingya issue and coordinate their efforts for their repatriation.
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs briefed the delegation about the current situation of Rohingya people in Bangladesh, and in this connection, reiterated position of the Bangladesh government i.e. safe, dignified and sustained repatriation of them to their homeland Myanmar as the viable solution to end this humanitarian crisis. He also called upon the OIC Member States to continue to stress on Myanmar to take back their nationals.
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed his sincere thanks to the OIC Member States who contributed to the ‘OIC Fund for Rohingya’. He further requested the OIC delegation to encourage the OIC Member countries to contribute to the ‘OIC Fund for Rohingya’ in order to enable Bangladesh and The Gambia to continue with the case in the ICJ and to reach an early and decisive decision. In this regard, he assured the delegation of full cooperation of Bangladesh.
During the calls on, the visiting OIC Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs informed that they have seen the condition of the Rohingyas in the camps, and comprehended the request made by the Government of Bangladesh. He reiterated OIC’s full solidarity to Bangladesh for providing shelter to more than 1 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals and stated that OIC is beside the Government of Bangladesh and will continue to support Bangladesh in the ICJ case.
Earlier, the OIC delegation had a meeting with the Foreign Secretary at his office, and expressed their views regarding their visit to the Rohingya camps. During the meeting, the Foreign Secretary also urged for OIC’s continued support to resolve this humanitarian crisis permanently.